Esthetics is a very rapidly growing segment of the beauty and wellness industry. To meet the  demand for skilled professionals, ABE prepares its students in a wide variety of treatments and profound knowledge of the care of our largest organ, the skin.

Ultimately, Estheticians are the industry professionals who help maintain, correct/restore, and enhance our skin. The successful completion of this program can help launch your career in skin care – whether you move into a career to perform basic or advanced facial treatments, make-up applications, product representation, education or other related fields of expertise. This career program will prepare graduates for licensure examination with the State Board in Georgia or Tennessee.

While some individuals may take it for granted, the skin is an extremely complex organ. Training to be an Esthetician does not merely require learning to perform facials, but understanding the nuances of the integumentary system. At ABE, we offer an in-depth education, focusing on the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology, including the study of the skin’s tissues and cells. Students will become knowledgeable in the “how’s” and “why’s” of using various Esthetic techniques, ultimately creating a strong foundation for their successful future in this field!

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Esthetic Instructors are industry professionals with a desire to share their knowledge and inspire a future generation of skin care specialists. Depending on classroom needs, ABE Institute enrolls students interested in becoming Esthetics Instructors at either location. Our Student Instructors become well-versed in ABE curriculum, operations, and classroom and salon floor management. Such skills are garnered through a ABE-based, 500-hour instructional program. In fact, many of the graduates continue employment at our Institute after successfully completing the program. For more information, please contact the Academic Director at the desired location in the Student Catalog. To become an Esthetics Instructor in Tennessee, please review the information provided for Cosmetology Instructors in Tennessee’s State Regulation, as Esthetics is considered a subsidiary of Cosmetology in this case.


Tuition covers the expert knowledge gained, and in-class training undergone, at ABE: two elements necessary for a successful certification. It also includes all of the Masterclasses and Esthetics Course (e.g. “Master Kit” of 20 essential tools), texts, workbooks, testing books, and materials required to complete this revolutionary program.


We happily provide an in-depth description of each program at ABE, promising full transparency to our student body. Our admissions team will make it a priority to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.


At ABE, an informed student is not a secondary concern, but a pressing priority. Here, important information concerning our graduation rates, placement rates, and licensure rates is included for your convenience.

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