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A Chance Agreement Skyrim

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A Chance Agreement in Skyrim: How to Trigger the Quest and What to Expect

Skyrim is a vast open world filled with danger and opportunity. From battling dragons to brewing potions, the game offers countless ways to explore and customize your character`s story. However, some of the most memorable moments in Skyrim come from unexpected encounters with strangers, who may offer you a chance to join their quest or embark on a new adventure.

One such encounter is the chance agreement, a quest triggered by a random encounter with a wandering mage named Madras, who appears in various locations around Skyrim. Madras is a Khajiit, a cat-like race known for their agility and affinity for magic. He wears a distinctive purple robe and a hood that conceals his face. When you approach him, he greets you with a cryptic line: “You there. You`re the one they call Dragonborn, eh? Let`s see if you`re worth the trouble.”

If you respond positively, Madras will explain that he is looking for an alchemical ingredient called Jazbay grapes, which grow only in the hot springs region of Eastmarch. He offers to pay you a share of the profit if you bring him some grapes. You can agree to help him, decline, or attack him. If you choose to help him, he will give you a map marker to the location where the grapes can be found and will disappear. You can then travel to the hot springs and find the grapes, which are guarded by some hostile creatures such as mudcrabs or wolves. Once you have collected enough grapes (at least 20), you can return to Madras and give them to him. He will thank you and pay you 300 gold coins, plus a random alchemy ingredient, like frost salts or imp stool.

The chance agreement quest is relatively short and straightforward, but it has some interesting features that make it worth playing. First, it is an example of how Skyrim uses random encounters to add depth to its world and encourage exploration. Madras can appear in different places, such as near a crossroads, a farm, or a mine, and you may not encounter him at all if you fast travel or stay indoors. Therefore, the quest feels like a genuine opportunity that you stumbled upon, rather than a scripted event that you are forced to follow.

Second, the quest rewards both your skills and your role-playing choices. If you have a high Alchemy skill, you may be able to harvest more Jazbay grapes from each plant and get more profit. If you are a thief or a mercenary, you may appreciate the chance to earn some gold without committing a crime or killing innocents. If you are a Khajiit yourself, you may feel a sense of kinship with Madras and admire his business acumen. Conversely, if you dislike Khajiits or distrust strangers, you may find Madras shady or untrustworthy and decide to confront him instead of helping him.

Third, the quest fits the lore of Skyrim well. Jazbay grapes are a real ingredient in the game`s alchemy system, and they are said to have originated from Morrowind, the homeland of the Dark Elves. Therefore, it makes sense that they would be rare and valuable, and that a Khajiit would seek to profit from them. The fact that the grapes grow in the hot springs region also adds a layer of realism and immersion, as it shows how geography and climate affect the flora and fauna of Skyrim.

Overall, the chance agreement quest is a small but enjoyable quest that showcases some of the strengths of Skyrim`s open-world design. It invites you to engage with a character who may or may not have a hidden agenda, rewards your curiosity and skills, and adds some flavor to the game`s rich tapestry of stories and characters. If you haven`t encountered Madras yet, keep your eyes and ears open, and who knows what other chances you may find in Skyrim?

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