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ABE Institute is an education center for  students pursuing careers in masterclass, esthetics. We sincerely appreciate the patronage of our clients who make it possible for our students to gain their required credits toward professional licensure. While we want your experience here to be an excellent one, it is important to remember at all times that this is a school. We ask that you keep that in mind and refrain from any disruption of the educational process and experience of the student. Our clients are expected to respect the educational atmosphere at the Institute and we ask that the following be observed:

● Clients are not permitted to have food or drink in any areas of the Institute, except the student break room, when it is available. It is against State Board of Rules for these items to be present in a school salon or spa environment.
● Clients may not bring children with them and leave them unattended while they receive services. No children are permitted to wait or be left unattended at any time on the school premises, including lobby or any academic or salon/spa areas.
● Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to receive massage services at the Institute.
● Children under the age of 15 who are receiving hair, skin or nail services must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must be present at all times while the child is receiving their service(s). Service(s) may be denied if the Institute determines that the minor is too young to safely receive the service(s) that are being requested.
● There are chemicals, topical solutions, advanced electronic machinery and sharp tools in use throughout the premises. For your protection and in order to ensure that no danger comes to a child from errant chemicals, sharp implements, or potentially harmful products and solutions, no child may be placed on or near a client having a service performed.
● We expect all clients to be courteous and respectful while receiving services in our facility. If you experience any dissatisfaction with your service, we ask that you inform an instructor immediately for assistance. Aggressive or harassing behaviour will result immediate removal from the Institution and/or refusal of future admittance.

Thank you again for your patronage and for your attention to this policy.

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Hair addition to braiding service$30
Braiding Design**$50
Crochet Braids**$65
Braid/Twist Removal$20
Jumbo Box Braids**$80
Keratin Smoothing Treatment**$65
Virgin Relaxer**$50
Re-touch Relaxer$35
Partial Relaxer$15
Permanent Waving**$35
Partial Permanent Waving**$20
Specialty Permanent Waving**$60
Soft Curl System**$45
Texturizer - Short$15
Texturizer - Long**$25
Partial Highlights**$20
Full Head Foils**$45
Color add-on$10
Color Correction**$65
Permanent Color Deposit**$30
Permanent Color Retouch**$20
Full head Lightening**$40
Hair Glossing Add-on$10
Jazzing/Beautiful Brown Collection Add-on$10
Men's Color$20



Full Face (3 areas)$15
Standard Bikini$20
Full Leg$30
Half Leg$18
Stomach/Chest Wax$25
Perfect Brows (Tint & Wax)$12


Band/Strip Lashes$10
Cluster Lashes$50
Cluster Fill-In/Removal$35
Single Area Waxing starting $10
Makeup Application$25
Brow Tinting$15


Tuition covers the expert knowledge gained, and in-class training undergone, at ABE: two elements necessary for a successful certification. It also includes all of the Masterclasses and Esthetics Course (e.g. “Master Kit” of 20 essential tools), texts, workbooks, testing books, and materials required to complete this revolutionary program.


We happily provide an in-depth description of each program at ABE, promising full transparency to our student body. Our admissions team will make it a priority to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.


At ABE, an informed student is not a secondary concern, but a pressing priority. Here, important information concerning our graduation rates, placement rates, and licensure rates is included for your convenience.

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